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Milk and Chocolate...
heart glasses
...is what I'm having right now. Sorry, but I couldn't think of another Header.
Sooooo, it's been a while since i last posted something, so what the heck. Life is pretty good right now. So far my (very selfish, sorry) 2006 wishes/resolutions look very promising. I actually got that bitching promo job at ABC1, I'm starting in about 2 weeks. Unfortunately they don't show CSI but at least i can produce trailers for Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs or Commander in Chief - just to name a few. I'm soooooo happy! My current job literally makes me sick - I just spend 4 days in bed with the flu.

I also try to get back in the dating game - i finally realised that Grissom probably won't turn up at my doorstep anytime soon and I don't wanna end up as the crazy catlady in Flat A. So, I found this very nice guy (older,grey hair...yummie!) who sounds promising - and he loves rollercoasters. Yeah, unfortunately he lives in CA and I reside in London but that said i always wanted to relocate to California. Let's wait and see, it's way too early to tell.

Still haven't started on my Smutathon contribution, but let's not fear. Given my history in writing, MA Thesis, TV stuff, I always get it done at the last minute. It's all taking shape in my head - promise!

What else???, CSI Season 6 started last night here in the UK and I'm happy! Also being completely spoiled by YTAW it was still a treat, even the hat!
Speaking of YTAW, I think i'm taking a time out, all the drama and bad vibes about a certain 'lady' and dark clouds over GSR really take the fun out of the whole CSI experience. I mean, i want GSR as much as anyone else - and I know it will happen - but seriously guys and gals, IT'S A BLOODY SWEEPS STUNT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD AND TV GUIDE ALWAYS BLOWS STUFF OUT OF PROPORTION. So please, relax!

Also, i'd love more friends on here, so please drop me a line...


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Amen to the whole tv guide thingy sweeps stunt! People need to chill!! Yeesh! The GSR will happen! Oh, and congrats on the new job! yay!

Thanks, hon!
Seriously, I'm so glad when epi 15 has aired next week. All these dramatic notions...I just wanna see Sara on the train to crazyville...LOL
Hope you're doing ok yourself. Hang in there!

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