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LJ Header Help!
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Ok, I admit it. I'm an absolute doof when it comes to anything remotely computer-related and even worse is my knowledge about website customisation. I feel like such an old middle-aged cow - I remember laughing at my parents for not being able to figure out their new phone or the DVD player...guess, you could call it karma.
Anyway, I'd love you forever if one of you highly talented people could help me putting up a header on my LJ Journal. Something cool and House_Cam related.
I tried to read through some of the Header Tutorials but I don't understand a word.

Whoever is nice enough to help gets a little surprise from me - promise!


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I'm exatlty the same. My sister got me on here and I had to talk nice to her to do my layout for me.
just sorry I can't help with that.

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